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5 Reasons to Hang Coastal Art in Your Home

Coastal artwork has the potential to transform your home from the plain, everyday into an oceanic oasis. But what coastal artworks would best suit your space?

I may be a bit biased here, but I believe that high end coastal wall art is the perfect choice for anyone looking to hang art in their home. It can capture a mood, an energy, a memory and more. It can open up and brighten a room, or invite something eye-capturing and dramatic to an otherwise ordinary space. But that’s not all…

When it comes to decorating a home, or choosing what artwork to hang and the best positioning, it’s not necessarily a decision you want to rush into. You want the art to look good — obviously — but you want it to do more than that. You want it to transform your space; lifting the energy and mood of the room, whilst adding unique personality and character.

The good news? Coastal artwork can do all this and more.

I like to think of underwater photography as capturing more than an image. It tells a story that transports the viewer, inviting the magic of our underwater world into our homes.

In fact, I believe there are 5 reasons to hang coastal art in your home. Starting with…


Reason One: Colours

If you’ve read my journal on Psychology of the Sea, you’ll already know that the colours captured in coastal art have a very real effect on our thoughts and feelings.

Blue, for example, can make us feel calm and peaceful. It can also boost creativity too.

However, the colours featured in underwater artwork have a very practical benefit and can offer heaps of coastal decor ideas. For instance, if you’re looking to hang a piece of art in a small room, you’ll most likely want to choose a piece which features lighter tones.

Blues, whites, oranges and greens are the perfect complement to small spaces, adding a splash of vibrancy whilst also offering a sense of openness and airiness.

(As an example, the colours in Tropical Dream are very light, bright and refreshing.)

Tropical Dream

If you have a larger space and would love a piece that really draws the eye and demands attention, darker tones and textures are extremely effective. This would also work well if the rest of your room is styled with a monochrome palette.

(For example, Stealth would be particularly striking in a neutral room.)


Reason Two: Creativity

Another fantastic benefit of hanging coastal art in your home is the ability to introduce some creativity to what may otherwise be a very bare space.

For some coastal design ideas, perhaps you want to hang this art in a transitional space like a hallway, or an area with more footfall such as a living room or dining room. Or maybe you’re looking for a piece to hang in a bedroom or office.

Whatever room you’re interested in adding coastal style artwork to, there is so much possibility for inviting dynamic movement and storytelling into each space.

For instance, a piece of artwork like Mystical could hang in a bedroom, with the stark darkness framing the whale shark reflecting the fathomless depths of our own dreams.


Or Ocean Magic could feature in your private office, the endless stretch of ocean and hints of movement of the tiny glittering fish as they dart above the coral stimulating your own sense of imagination, offering you inspiration as you tap away at your next bestselling novel.

Ocean Magic

Reason Three: Beauty

This third reason may be pretty self-explanatory, but I do believe it’s still worth celebrating the sheer beauty that coastal art in Australia has to offer.

And I don’t simply mean artwork that you look at and merely think, ‘That’s a pretty image’.

I mean artwork that delves beyond that, capturing incomparable and precious moments that we would have otherwise never witnessed — such as an apex predator drifting nearby, staring us straight in the eye like in Ocean Guardian.

Ocean Guardian

Or a playful young humpback whale twisting briefly away from the protection of its mother to give us a cheeky assessment, like in the aptly-titled Playful.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it’s true. But coastal artworks capture something truly special that transcends that of aesthetics.


Reason Four: Mood

It’s possible that you’re searching for coastal art ideas that will bring happiness and joy to your home. Or it may be that you’re looking for something more sophisticated and elegant.

Whatever mood you want to create, coastal art covers the entire spectrum. In fact, studies have even shown that art can improve our psychological and emotional wellbeing.

Searching for a glimmer of tranquillity? Then a piece of artwork such as Innocence may suit your space.


Want to nurture a feeling of exhilaration and daring? Prints like Focus definitely add a sense of daring and drama to any room.


Or maybe you want to elicit a sense of timeless poise? A mood that is both romantic and serene? Time Traveller is an example from the Ocean Art Collection that evokes exactly that.

Time Traveller

Whatever mood and energy you want to echo in your home, coastal art can act as a portal to those very emotions.


Reason Five: Meaning

And last but not least, the meaning behind coastal artwork can invite an extra-special and personal element into your home.

You may have a special memory of encountering a pod of dolphins that you will never forget. Or perhaps your daughter or son’s favourite film growing up was Finding Nemo and clownfish never fail to make you smile.

It can be a moment where you surprised yourself with your own bravery, going snorkelling or scuba diving for the very first time. Or maybe you’re an advocate for underwater conservation and protecting endangered species of turtles is something you hold close to your heart.

Whatever it is, underwater artwork can represent something very personal and specific for you, and it can be celebrated in a way for the world to see too.


I hope this blog was useful in showing you exactly how inspiring and transformative hanging coastal art can be and offering you some coastal home inspiration.

Especially if you have an emotional or spiritual ocean encounter that you would love to commemorate, coastal artwork holds so much more meaning beyond that of simply ‘looking good’.

It can be a link to an unforgettable experience, or a once-in-a-lifetime moment shared with loved ones. Or the split second where you came face-to-face with a turtle, dolphin or a whale shark…and realised exactly how majestic these creatures are.

So, what coastal art will you hang in your home?

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