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Top 10 Gift Ideas for Ocean Lovers

Many of us will know someone who has a deep affinity with the ocean. Someone who can’t wait to get to the beach, who finds solace and calm amongst the sand and rolling waves, and who feels rejuvenated by the tides and inspired by the wonder of the big blue.

What if there was a way to bring the ocean to them, wherever they are? 

With Christmas just around the corner, I thought I would do some research to find some of the top gift ideas for ocean lovers, helping you find the perfect present for that special person who adores everything aquatic.

Gift ideas for ocean lovers

1. Ocean art on canvas

Perhaps the person you are buying for has an affinity for whales? A devotion to dolphins? A deep fascination with turtles? Whatever inspires them, there is ocean art on canvas to suit all tastes. Ocean art images are a beautiful and personal gift to commemorate their love of the underwater world. They are also a wonderfully unique way to invite a drop of the ocean into our homes. 




2. Underwater photography

What lies beneath the ocean is another world entirely, uninhabited by humans but home to an unending array of unique creatures and critters. Here at Pure Underwater Imaging, my personal mission is to give you a glimpse into this magical realm and show you the beauty that lies beneath the surface of our vast oceans, inspiring appreciation, education and a passion for conservation.

I have a diverse collection of underwater life images to choose from, available in a range of sizes and styles.

For Christmas gifts in particular I would recommend a 45cm x 30cm Framed Metal Print from my Open Edition Collection. This wall art is smaller in size, to suit all types of rooms and wall dimensions, yet just as vibrant and striking as my larger prints. I’ve found this to be an incredibly popular size to give as a stunning gift for anyone who loves the ocean.   

Not sure where to start? You can book a complimentary consultation with me, so I can help you select the perfect piece for the ocean lover in your life.




3. Ocean themed books 

The topic of ocean conservation is a large one, particularly for children. But luckily there are books that spark conversation around the topic of sustainability in new and innovative ways, making this subject accessible for our youth. Take for example the Recipe For Perfect Planet Pie by Kim Michelle Toft, which is perfect for the younger ocean enthusiasts amongst us.

Fun for the entire family to dive into, even adults will appreciate the stunning illustrations and education inside. Plus with every purchase from the AMCS helping to contribute to conservation efforts, ocean themed books offer both creative and practical support for protecting our oceans.  


4. Eco-friendly ocean gifts 

For ocean lovers, protecting and conserving these ecosystems is always something we hold in high priority. Giving a gift that supports this will always go down well with your loved one, and a solution is to shop for ocean friendly products or purchase from forward-thinking companies such as those that Surfrider Australia has listed here.

Whether it’s reef-safe sunscreen, natural rubber thongs, or even biodegradable bamboo straws - you can get incredibly imaginative with eco-friendly ocean gifts.


5. Gift cards 

Halfway through our list of ocean lover gift ideas, and what if you find yourself shopping for someone who is a little tricky to buy for? It’s all good - ocean-themed gift cards are a great option for those who prefer to choose their own presents!


Pure Underwater Imaging Gift Card

Pure Underwater Imaging Gift Card


6. Ocean themed gift sets

Adopting a theme to your gift giving is a great way to show someone you have really thought about them, and put effort into selecting the perfect gift combination to suit their passions. 

When looking for Christmas ocean lover gift ideas, an ocean themed gift set full of fun and surprising items is a sure winner. Take for example this Beach Vibes Gift Box, which also includes a donation to the AMCS with every purchase. Items that are both beautiful and have a deeper meaning behind them too.


7. Ocean scents and homeware 

Our sense of smell is strongly linked with our memory and mood, so bringing ocean-inspired scents (candles, diffusers, etc) into the home can be a true breath of fresh air. 

Also gifting pieces of homeware that fit with an oceanic theme can be a lovely daily reminder of the big blue & help to add some oceanic beauty to a home.


8. Ocean Jewellery or Apparel 

A way to keep the ocean close to your heart. Whether it’s a golden shell necklace, whale tail earrings, or maybe even a raw earth pendant, this is a wonderfully personal and heartfelt gift for ocean devotees. 

Two In The Sun is a particularly good brand that incorporates sustainable design to offer beautiful ocean jewellery like this. My suggestion would be to ensure that whoever you shop with does have some sustainable element to their products, helping to protect and not damage our natural oceanic habitats. 


9. Ocean experiences or days out 

If your loved one isn’t one for trinkets or art pieces, then why not take them out for an oceanic adventure? With everything on offer from diving to snorkelling to simple days at the beach looking for starfish and investigating rock pools, planning an experience for an ocean lover can be a beautifully personal and thoughtful gift.

If you’re in the region, my personal recommendation would be Lady Elliot Island. There’s options for day trips, glass bottom boat tours, dive courses and more. This is a stunning location and is very close to my heart. In fact, I captured the image below at Lady Elliot Island! 




10. Marine conservation donations and sponsorships 

There are so many creatures and ecosystems beneath the waves that need our help and support. Which is why setting up a sponsorship of an animal or donation towards the maintenance of reefs and oceanic spaces is a beautiful gift to show you care, not only about your loved one’s passions, but also about our planet.

Again, you may want to check out the Australian Marine Conservation Society for ideas on how to support marine conservation efforts. 



And there we have it, some of the best gifts for ocean lovers to make any occasion extra special. Bringing even a small part of the underwater world into our terrestrial spaces can have a huge impact on how we view our world as a whole. 

So, what gift will you give the ocean lover in your life?

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