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Plastic Free July

Plastic free July is here and this is a great campaign to bring awareness to the colossal problem we have around the world of plastic polluting our waterways and killing our wildlife. From turtles and whales ingesting plastic to seabirds feeding plastic to their young, we have a massive issue that needs to be addressed by all of us.

This image is from a Christmas Island trip earlier in the year on a remote beach where the plastic problem is so bad that the local rangers ask that you carry a bag of rubbish out with you every time you visit the beach.

I try to have a ‘beach clean up’ every time I go to the beach, picking up any plastic rubbish that I see. If you haven’t already seen ‘Blue’, the film, this is a brilliant Australian made documentary that really highlights the magnitude of the problem and inspires us to take action.

We can collectively make a difference by all doing our bit. We can make different choices in our daily lives: by both contributing to less plastic use by saying no to single use plastic items such as straws, plastic bags and coffee cups, to going out of our way to pick up a stray piece of plastic that could be making its way into our waterways.

Ethereal by Justin Bruhn - Pure Underwater Imaging

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