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Marine Conservation

Pure Underwater Imaging is a proud partner of the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS). To help fund current marine conservation campaigns and help protect our marine ecosystems, Pure Underwater Imaging donates a portion of all product sales to the AMCS. We also contribute marine life images for public awareness campaigns and provide artworks for fundraising events.

Australia’s oceans contain the richest, most diverse life on earth. We have the third largest marine territory and our continent borders three mighty oceans; the Pacific, Indian and the Southern Ocean. Such global significance brings a global responsibility. We have a privilege and a duty to manage our oceans wisely with the future in mind. AMCS takes on the big issues, and improves the way Australia manages our coasts and seas through intelligent advocacy and education.

Australia’s oceans are unique and marvelled by the world. We have an ocean territory twice the size of our land, covering five climate zones, numerous underwater seascapes and a complex system of currents. Just off our shores we have the largest single reef − the Great Barrier Reef − and the largest seagrass meadow (Shark Bay, Western Australia) on the planet. We also have the third-largest area of mangroves and more than half of the world’s mangrove and seagrass species. Our oceans provide refuge for a diversity of species including six of the seven known species of marine turtles, 45 of the world’s 78 whale and dolphin species, and 4,000 fish species – 20 per cent of the global total.

Australia’s environment, economy, society and culture are deeply dependent on healthy oceans.  Our oceans provide us with food, oxygen and a place to work and play. Our oceans, like many around the world, have suffered from our use and a lack of protection. Threats such as unsustainable coastal development, overfishing, offshore petroleum extraction and production, introduced marine pests and climate change are taking their toll. Our oceans need protected areas just like on land, places that provide a safe haven where ocean wildlife can recover.

For a healthy planet it is essential that we maintain a healthy ocean. Now, more than ever, we need to protect and conserve our natural resources before they disappear forever.

As a thankyou to the Australian Marine Conservation Society for their amazing work contributing to the protection of our oceans, we have chosen 3 of our best images to be exclusive to the AMCS supporter shop. If you would like to purchase one of these beautiful prints and make a substantial contribution to the AMCS fund raising efforts, you can click on the link below which will take you to the AMCS website. Have a look around while you are there and learn about the amazing work they are doing and how you might be able to get involved in the fight to protect Australia’s oceans.

Whale And Calf Photography | Pure Under Water Imaging
Coral Contemplation
Sea Turtle | Pure Under Water Imaging
Turquoise Drift