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Justin Bruhn | Pure Under Water Imaging

I think it’s wrong that art is looked at as something to fill a space on a wall and just colour match the cushions on your lounge. The right piece of art should inspire: a vision of an awe-inspiring ocean experience connecting with you, on your wall every day. I’m on a mission to share the mystery of the underwater world and the vulnerability of the creatures that call it home. I want to inspire people through the beauty of our magnificent marine life to take more care of our oceans.

“Exclusive and captivating underwater artworks created to celebrate our amazing marine life and connect you with the ocean in your living room”                              

I am grateful for this opportunity to share with you some of my most magical moments underwater for you to enjoy in your living space. Some of the most breathtaking memories of my life have been created there. Let a piece of my artwork take you on a magical journey back to the ocean and feel the wonder and excitement of an enchanting marine life encounter.

Happy Customers

School Of Marine Fish Wall Art | Pure Under Water Imaging

   Darren Diffey – Technical Services & Refurbishment Manager, Accor Vacation Club, Gold Coast, Queensland “Our guest comments on Justin’s work say it all. Very impressed by the quality of the artworks and the captivating imagery”

Sea Turtle Wall Art | Pure Under Water Imaging

Linda Mitchell – Owner Angourie Resort, Yamba NSW  “Justin’s artworks are absolutely stunning! We are constantly receiving compliments from our guests on our choice of art for the resort refurbishments”

Marine Fish Wall Art | Pure Under Water Imaging

Dominic Blewitt – Wellington Point, Brisbane, Queensland
“Justin’s work is outstanding! We love our acrylic wall mount! It brings back the beautiful memories of our family trip to the Great Barrier Reef every time we see it on the wall”

Diving With Turtles | Pure Under Water Imaging

The Feeling

With my first fin kick below the surface the creative process begins. My senses are heightened and I align my heart and mind to connect with the ethereal underwater world. The feeling of freedom and weightlessness triggers something inside of me as I relax into a tranquil state of active meditation and begin the search for a captivating subject.

Pure Under Water Imaging Gallery

The Turning Point

I was fortunate to be accepted into the David Hart Galleries on the Sunshine Coast back in 2013. This was the turning point for me in my career as an artist. I was humbled to be the first ever photographer to display work in the David Hart Galleries. My limited edition piece, ‘Reflections’, sold out in the Gallery, the same image earning me an award at the 2014 Cairns Underwater Film Festival. Since then, my work has been procured by resorts, corporate offices and private collectors all over the world.

Sea Turtle | Pure Under Water Imaging

Where it all Began

My humble beginnings working as a scuba diving instructor on the Great Barrier Reef nurtured my love of the ocean and the amazing creatures that live there. I have witnessed a heart breaking demise in the health of the reef over the years with the endangered species list growing longer every year. This inspired me to take action and partner with the Australian Marine Conservation Society to raise awareness of the fragility of our oceans and help raise much needed funds to support the work they do to protect Australia’s oceans. As Jacques Cousteau once said “people protect what they love.” I believe that the more humans can connect with the ocean and the creatures that live there, the more will be done about protecting them for future generations.

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